Ontario – a whole world to discover

If you think of Ontario and see only Toronto, you are missing the big picture. Drive just outside of Canada’s largest city and you will discover a rich array of exciting places to see and explore. Whether your ideal outing includes the great outdoors and your favourite activities, or a scenic tour, a festival, a destination retreat, Ontario has something for the day-tripper or avid vacationer.

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With a diverse geography and fascinating history, Ontario has four season outdoor activities and a wealth of historic and interpretive spaces – including four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Home to many acclaimed theatre and musical festivals, Ontario also offers foodies plenty to explore with everything from farmers markets, harvest festivals, cool cafes, and local chef run restaurants. Great shops and accommodations abound.

If you’re ready to discover Ontario, this is the site for you. Pulling together the best of what the province has to offer, we make it easy for you to plan your next adventure. To start you on your journey, below are two google maps to help you get further oriented in Ontario.

The 49 Regions of Ontario

Ontario is divided into 5 larger regions: Central Ontario, Southwestern Ontario , Eastern Ontario, Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Ontario. The map below uses the colour coding of the 5 larger regions to display the 49 sub regions. Click here for a full list of all 49 regions and some additional information.


Featured Cities and Towns of Ontario

The cities and towns mapped below are from 10 of the 49 regions currently featured on 2C&DO. They are also colour coded based on their location in the 5 larger regions of Ontario. Click here for a list of the cities and towns mapped below, and some additional information.

Visiting from the US?

There are 14 road border crossings and four passenger ferries. In the illustrated map below, you can see the US cities closest to the nearest points of entry from the four adjoining US states. The 18 points of entry are distributed as follows: Minnesota 4, Michigan 5, Ohio 1 and New York 8. For more information about border crossings, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

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