Inspiration & Information

Whenever we come across great resources that provide inspiration and information for our website, we will share them here. We of course reference the various region, cities, towns, townships websites, but the books on Ontario provide so much history and perspective that our site would not be as rich with out them.

Ron Brown and his books on Ontario

Backroads of Ontario, Firefly books, 2016.
Top 150 Unusual Things to See in Ontario, The Boston Mills Press, 2016
Ontario’s Ghost Town Heritage, The Boston Mills Press, 2007.

Ron Brown is an author, geographer, and travel writer. He has written over a dozen books on Ontario’s roadside attractions, is a frequent contributor to CBC Radio, and his travel articles have appeared in numerous North American newspapers and magazines.

An Artist’s and Photographer’s Guide to Wild Ontario

By Rob Stimpson and Craig Thompson, The Boston Mills Press, 2007.
Developed in part under Ontario’s Arts in the Wild program, this book highlights the best places in Ontario to sketch, paint, sculpt, carve and photograph wilderness and wildlife images.

The Once and Future Great Lakes Country: An Ecological History

By John L. Riley, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013.
This history of environmental change in the Great Lakes region, covers two Canadian provinces and nine American states, providing both a detailed ecological history and a broad panorama of this vast region. It looks as far back as the last ice age, through the massive declines in wildlife and native plants in the centuries after European contact, to recent decades of increased nature protection and re-wilding.