Planning Your Experience

There is always more to discover wherever you are in Ontario. From heritage sites and museums, to adventurous or relaxing outdoor activities. Explore charming by-roads and hidden gems including local eateries, shops, artists and artisans. You’ll be able to get a real insight into what makes Ontario so unique and interesting.


Before planning a trip you may want to take a look at the Four Seasons of Ontario page to give you more information about timing your activities.

In this section we will highlight the different types of excursions, focusing on your particular area of interest:

. Professional, Live Theatre
. Spa
. Beach
. Antiquing / Shopping (St. Jacobs Outlet, Tangiers, Halton Hills, Niagara)
. Golfing
. Winter Sports
. Artistic
. Food & Drink
. Festivals

We will then focus on Destination Getaways, from two to four days depending on where you are starting, how much you like to drive in a day, and the number of activities that interest you in the range of options provided. And Mini-Getaways for a one to two day jaunt, to get out of the city or have a mini adventure.

In time, we will include scenic drives with gems for you to encounter and explore. Click the scenic tours link to take you to a few we have started with, not too far from Toronto.

With 49 regions in Ontario, you will have much to see when choosing a destination region and discovering all it has to offer.

To learn about all the activities available in Ontario, visit our Ontario by Activity section of the site.